The long-term competitive advantage
We are the science and technology infrastructure of an exclusive set of horizontal construction leaders that are optimizing their financial performance.

Amanda Mohr

President, Superior Bowen
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"XBE has provided visibility, real-time information, and the ability to influence decisions before they happen…"

Will Gallagher

Project Manager, Gallagher Asphalt
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"XBE brought in transparency. You don't know what people need to see, and why they need to see it."

Rich Mulder

General Manager of Transportation, Ozinga
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"...a partner that understood the business we're in, and where we want to go."

Jay Lemon

President, Haskell Lemon Construction
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"Here's a platform of being able to spotlight everything that goes on in our organization"

Craig Parker

President, Silver Star Construction
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"XBE helps us understand the good, the bad, and the ugly."

Comprehensive integrated platform to manage and automate the planning, execution, monitoring, analysis, and improvement of all facets of horizontal construction.
Chemical additives to mitigate common asphalt construction issues and enable cost savings strategies.
The office has visibility to the job as we go which helps us make mid-day adjustments.
- Foreman, Asphalt Contractor
16 Customers
114,549 Crew Days
405,974 Shifts
1,412 Trucking Companies
5,674 Drivers
460 Foremen
37.2m Tons Moved
15,183 Broadcast Messages
24,585 Incidents Managed
$5.93 Trucking $ / Ton
19.1 Miles / Trip
21.0% Night Job %
Why do the best work with XBE?
We're all about them. Schedule Intro →
Their profit goes up and their risk goes down, year after year.
They have capabilities their competitors wish they had.
Our work is never done, and we actively work with customers to refine our solutions.
Our comprehensive and open API allows for flexible integrations and data portability.
We build broad solutions for holistic needs, not isolated point solutions that stand alone.
We sweat the details on everything to ensure that automation and optimization are actually possible.
We work with them on their terms, always putting their needs and preferences first.
They know that we have the long term stability that you can't get when funded by venture capital.
They are industry leaders interested in sharing their experience with like-minded peers.