Horizon Newsletter • March 3, 2023
Sombrero Requests

To create a post-invoice change request, also known as a Sombrero request, in XBE, follow these steps:

  • Create an ‘Administrative Incident’ at the Branch level via the ‘Incidents Calendar’ by clicking on the '+' sign beside the tab on the left sidebar or the '+' sign on the top right corner of the ‘Incidents Calendar’ screen.
  • Open the incident and add a description.
  • Assign a person to identify the root cause (customer member) and save.
  • Subscribe stakeholders to involve all stakeholders and ensure everyone is aware of the incident.
  • The assignee identifies the root causes and their root causes.
  • For each root cause, add a related ‘+ Action item’ for areas that need improvement.
  • Create an ‘Action item’ to process the required post invoice change (include required links, team members, responsible members, and due date)
  • Mark the action item as ‘Triaged’.
  • Follow up on the incident as needed and respond to any questions or feedback from XBE team members. Add comments in the ‘Discussion’ section.
  • Once the ‘Action item’ is processed, it will be marked as ‘Completed’ by the XBE team.
  • Review the incident and mark it as ‘Closed’ if you are satisfied with the completion of the ‘Action item’.

Assignees and subscribers will be notified of any comments or changes to the Incident, while team members and responsible persons will be notified of the same for Action items.

To view all ‘Administrative Incidents’, use the ‘Incidents Calendar’ or the ‘Incidents Report’ at the Branch level.

To keep track of ‘Administrative Incidents’ where you are the creator, assignee, or subscriber, go to the ‘Browse’ screen and click on ‘Incidents’. Filter incidents by day, range, creator, assignee, or subscriber to check on their status.

To keep track of your ‘Action items’, go to the ‘Browse’ screen and click on ‘Profile’. Scroll down to ‘Action Items’, where you can find all action items related to you in one convenient place.

We believe involving all stakeholders and utilizing this process, can help zero-in on which parts of the upstream processes can be improved to eliminate post-invoice changes entirely, and assist the development team in brainstorming ways to update and upgrade the system in order to maximize your benefits from working with XBE. Remember to add all necessary details and information to your Sombrero request and respond to any feedback or questions promptly to ensure smooth processing of the incident.