A/P Managers

With XBE's software, managing driver timesheets and payroll has become a breeze, saving us both time and headaches.

With XBE, A/P Managers can ensure all trucking invoices are generated and imported into ERP for the previous day, and automate and digitize trucking time cards, invoicing, and bookkeeping, resulting in streamlined operations.

In addition, they can ensure all trucking shifts have timely time card creation and approval, match all material transactions correctly to trucking shifts and/or export them into the ERP, and ensure all trucking tenders have the intended rates associated, maintaining accuracy and efficiency.

Furthermore, A/P Managers can minimize post-approval trucking time card changes and rate corrections and reduce trucking time card padding and overpayments, while also ensuring all shifts are dispatched on-time and assigned to the correct driver and trailer, and effectively manage equipment movement planning and dispatch.

And Many More Goals

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