General Counsels

Recognizing and rewarding behaviors that align with our company values through XBE has streamlined our operations and fostered a stronger team culture, making my job of ensuring legal compliance a lot smoother.

With XBE, General Counsels can maximize trucker compliance with contractual, legal, and safety requirements, maximize safety awareness and minimize safety incidents, and implement open door policies to enable field personnel to raise issues conflicting with company values, policies, or laws.

Additionally, they can minimize post-approval trucking time card changes and rate corrections, maximize driver GPS location visibility throughout their trucking shifts, and manage a fuel surcharge program to reduce trucking supplier financial risk, ensuring seamless operations.

Furthermore, recognizing and rewarding culture-consistent behavior throughout the organization is possible, as are minimizing the impact of weather events through risk management and effective communication, and ensuring all trucking shifts have timely time card creation and approval.

And Many More Goals

Other Roles Served By XBE