Trucking General Managers

Timely creation and approval of trucking time cards means smoother operations and a lot fewer headaches for everyone involved.

With XBE, Trucking General Managers can ensure all shifts are dispatched on-time and assigned to the correct driver and trailer, optimize trucker dispatch assignments to minimize total trucking cost while adhering to constraints, and maximize utilization of plants, equipment, crews, and trucks effectively.

In addition, they can manage equipment movement planning and dispatch, minimize trucking time card padding and overpayments, and ensure all trucking shifts have timely time card creation and approval, facilitating seamless operations.

Furthermore, maximizing trucker compliance with contractual, legal, and safety requirements is possible, as is ensuring all trucking invoices are generated and imported into ERP for the previous day, while maximizing driver GPS location visibility throughout their trucking shifts.

And Many More Goals

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