Proprietary Software Platform

XBE developed its proprietary software platform to address the planning, execution, analysis, and management needs of contractor, material supplier, owner, and trucker members of the infrastructure construction process.


The XBE software platform is broad, deep, and depended on at scale. These are some of the features currently available and depended on.

Production Planning & Scheduling

  • Historic analysis
  • Weather and traffic integration
  • Segment-based planning
  • Truck count and schedule optimization

Tendering and Dispatch

  • Flexible rate agreements
  • Automatic application of rates
  • Management of certification requirements (DBE, union, etc)
  • Auditable acceptance workflow
  • Driver and equipment assignment
  • Notifications and history

Arrival Management

  • Estimated time of arrivals
  • Check-in with geolocation
  • Reminder notifications
  • Dashboard with exception highlighting

Production Monitoring & Management

  • Real-time integration with scale ticketing systems
  • Live monitoring of production rate and cycle-times vs plan
  • Manual ticket upload as necessary
  • Production incident management
  • Broadcast messaging
  • Shift feedback

Time Card Management

  • Field-based pre-approval process
  • Driver submission options
  • Padding analysis and prevention
  • Cost code allocation
  • Paperless with optional support for legacy ticket imaging

Invoicing and Payment

  • Self-billing
  • Automated bookkeeping and integration with financial systems
  • Payment alerts and visibility
  • Notifications and reporting on shifts missing paperwork
Screenshot of XBE Now

Robust Technology

  • Mobile and desktop optimized
  • Available via the web without download and installation from an app store
  • All capabilities exposed via public API
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