Horizon Newsletter • August 8, 2022
Improving Leadership Communication and Strategy Management Using XBE

In periods of change and uncertainty, leadership communication is critical.

For most companies, Summer 2022 is one of those periods.

Unless most team members share the same context, explicit messaging is more effective than implicit understanding.

  • What is the situation?
  • What is the plan?
  • Who should do what by when?
  • How are things going?

The more that is unknown, the more that needs to be said.

The XBE platform has many features to enable great communication:

  • Newsletters can be published at the branch, customer, and trucker level and made visible to specific types of users. This is a great way to stay in regular broadcast communication with large groups of people.
  • Culture values can be defined at the branch, customer, and trucker level and are visible throughout the XBE platform. This helps to reinforce behavioral norms and expectations.
  • Public praise can be used to recognize team members whose actions are consistent with their organization's values. This boosts morale and reinforces culture-consistent behavior.
  • Job production plan comments enable communication about operational specifics in context and in view of all stakeholders. Recap comments automatically appear in daily job production plan recaps.
  • Individuals can subscribe to projects and job production plans to receive all relevant communication about the work that matters to them.
  • Meetings can be used to record attendance and notes in a public form that can be referenced later.
  • Individuals can subscribe to specific types of incidents to be notified about issues related to their functional areas of responsibility.
  • Broadcast messaging can be used for ad-hoc communication with various internal and external stakeholders related to a specific job production plan.
  • Driver messaging can be used to communicate directly with individual drivers in a way that is visible to other team members and is bi-directional.
  • Comments and attachments can be made at the project level to keep higher-level information in one place.
  • Incidents — including their comments, root cause analysis, and action items — enable public research, discussion, education, and decision making.
  • Photos and videos can be attached to most anything to make content more engaging and understandable.

There are few pieces of information that few people need to know.

Most information worth saying is worth broadcasting.

When a leader isn't heard, they should speak up.

We love to see XBE used as the leadership communication platform for many of our customers.

If there is something else that we can do to help you get your word out, please let us know.


Sean Devine
Founder & CEO, XBE