Horizon Newsletter • September 17, 2022
Let's Maximize Driver Location Visibility

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XBE released our first native iOS and Android apps in May 2019. We had 35 users that first day (including XBE staff and their family members). It seemed like a lot at the time!

Up until then, the only driver location visibility we had was related to check-ins and material transactions. With the introduction of the native apps and telematics integrations a bit later, that all changed.

Since May 2019, over 7,300 people have used XBE native apps, and XBE has integrated with telematics from Keep Truckin', Samsara, and Digital Fleet.

September 2022 will be the first month during which over 50% of all driver time has its location visible.

While 50%+ is pretty good, when we look at the branch-level it's clear that much higher driver visibility is achievable.

There are two XBE customers with location visibility above 80%. In both cases, they operate relatively large trucking fleets and have hardware telematics that are integrated with XBE.

There are two other XBE customers with location visibility above 70%. One of those customers owns a relatively large fleet but uses the XBE app exclusively to report location data. The other does not own any trucks, does not not have any 3rd party telematics integrations, and relies exclusively on external haulers running the XBE app to report location data.

There are five other XBE customers with location visibility above 60%. They represent a variety of situations in the above categories.

In other words, any XBE customer can achieve high driver location visibility. If you own assets with integrated telematics, we can integrate those with XBE. If you rely entirely on external capacity, they can be managed to achieve similarly high location visibility.

I asked Troy Malone from Curran Contracting to share how they've achieved 70%+ visibility with external haulers.

By building a good working relationship with the drivers and letting them know I'm available to them. I also tell them that XBE is to help them get paid what they are owed by using their GPS. I can't fight for you if I don't have your GPS to show or justify what you say. So they have been receptive…

We've added various features recently to make it easier to manage driver location visibility:

  • Self-service location tracking diagnostic tools on the Now screen
  • GPS unavailable notifications for drivers
  • Better logging of location tracking diagnostics
  • Additional driver location visibility status indicators

We also continue to build additional ways to leverage location data:

  • Better arrival timing estimates
  • New driver-movement chart incident creation via time range selection workflow
  • Enhanced driver route visibility via movement chart time range selection

We're also planning additional features related to driver visibility including:

  • Automated site event creation
  • Enhanced implied end time estimation

XBE was designed to work great with or without driver location visibility. But let's face it, it's even greater with.