Horizon Newsletter • December 2, 2022

Today XBE announces the world premiere of THE BOARD, a dramatic improvement to the classic grid-of-dates-and-crews approach to managing schedules.

It's a blockbuster feature, so we made a trailer.

Reading by email? Check out the trailer here.

Spoiler warning! Here's a rundown of what THE BOARD makes possible:

Pick Your Perspective

See your entire backlog organized by Foreman, or switch to the Projects perspective to look at job progression in that context. The job tiles also reflect the selected perspective, displaying the assigned crew information when in the projects perspective, and vice versa. The Unassigned and Not on Project rows for crew and projects perspectives respectively indicate jobs that are not assigned to any perspective resource and can be dragged into a day for quick assignment.

Move, Clone, Edit

THE BOARD makes scheduling actions reliable, efficient, and clear. Sliding jobs across the board now pre-flights the action, and if any conflicts arise, it requires an explicit choice to force the action or cancel. This makes it easy and reliable to perform rescheduling actions without worrying about unsetting assignments or not copying over a resource during duplication. Additionally, there are pop-up forms for creating new jobs, moving jobs, and duplicating jobs with multi-day duplication to dates that are out of the visible date range.

Resource Pressure Monitoring

Keep an eye on resource pressure by bringing up the "Over Requested" bar. THE BOARD will load crew requirements that are not currently in context and indicate any classifications that are requested more than there are resources available within the organization. Request pressure monitoring updates when moving jobs between days, improving visibility during the scheduling process.

Packed With Features

THE BOARD includes many little touches that you'll love.

  • Create new jobs for any day and perspective.
  • Review and edit job notes.
  • Display material site, material type and quantity, supplier, and QC requirements.
  • Lock and unlock schedules.
  • View resource unavailability that updates automatically.
  • Duplicate jobs across any set of days.
  • Refer to material demand forecast at the material site level in context.
  • Squish down the view with compact mode.
  • Filter plans by project, project manager, planner, color, or plan status.
  • Color the plans using crew colors with optional setting to de-emphasize.

THE BOARD is built from the ground up to be efficient, reliable, extensible.

We'd like to thank Terry Sullivan at Gallagher Asphalt for the influence he's had through excellent collaboration over many years on the features that led to The Board.

THE BOARD is currently released as Beta, and available from the customer sidebar.

Exclusive Showing

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