Horizon Newsletter • February 16, 2023
XBE Releases "Hey Kayla", An On-Demand Expert With Complete Knowledge Of The Entire XBE Platform

The XBE platform is incredibly wide and deep.

That's what makes it so powerful.

That's also what makes it a bit challenging to learn.

Until now…

Today we release "Hey Kayla", an amazing new feature that provides answers to any question about the XBE platform in seconds.

Hey Kayla by XBE

"Hey Kayla" will immediately and fundamentally change user education. It's frictionless to ask questions, and answers are sourced and thorough.

As of its release, Kayla is trained on 50,000+ words of release notes, 57,000+ words of newsletters, and 10,000+ words of glossary terms and definitions.

That's the length of a typical epic fantasy novel!

It's no wonder that few people know everything about all of the features.

Kayla combines that specific knowledge with general knowledge and a friendly disposition.

Here's an example of Kayla answering a question about herself.

XBE Hey Kayla demo screenshot

"Hey Kayla" is better than we ever imagined was possible, and this is only the beginning. Every day, she'll be trained with new content and fine tuned based on the quality of answers given.

And, she doesn't just know XBE content. "Hey Kayla" creates user-specific answers including content from organization-scoped newsletters. That greatly expands what's possible.

XBE believes in innovation, expertise, and leverage — 3 of our 8 core values.

"Hey Kayla" is the product of years of commitment to building great things and explaining them precisely.

We're so excited to see customers benefit from this work.

If you find this exciting, let me know! I'll talk your ear off.


Sean Devine
Founder & CEO, XBE