Horizon Newsletter • March 17, 2023
Hey Kayla Gets Upgraded Again - Must See Examples

You've probably heard the buzz about GPT-4, the new "large language model" from OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT.

Good news! XBE received beta access to GPT-4 and we already upgraded Hey Kayla to take advantage.

Her capabilities were amazing before. Now? You just have to see them…

Here are a few real questions with the actual answers. Think BIG! Try Hey Kayla today.

Q. I'm a logistics manager. Give me a step-by-step plan for remediating late driver arrivals using tools in XBE.

Sure, here's a step-by-step plan for remediating late driver arrivals using tools in XBE:

  1. Identify late arrivals: Monitor driver check-ins and job production plan monitoring to identify drivers who are arriving late to the start site or job site.
  2. Analyze the data: Use trucker report cards and driver history to analyze the reasons behind the late arrivals. Check for patterns or trends such as certain drivers being consistently late or specific routes or jobs causing delays.
  3. Develop an action plan: Based on your analysis, create a plan to address the root causes of late arrivals. This may include adjusting scheduled start times, changing routes, or reassigning drivers to different jobs or shifts.
  4. Communicate expectations: Clearly communicate your expectations regarding punctuality to drivers through driver pre-shift meetings, messaging, and feedback within the XBE app.
  5. Provide support and resources: Make sure all drivers have the XBE app for iOS or Android, access to accurate job and routing information, and a clear understanding of how to use the app to check-in and communicate any delays.
  6. Implement driver incentives: Incentivize timely arrivals by tying driver performance to rewards or recognition. For example, considering punctuality when distributing bonuses or celebrating drivers with consistent on-time performance.
  7. Monitor progress: Continuously monitor driver arrival data using XBE's job production plan monitoring and trucker report cards. Measure improvements over time and use this information to further refine your remediation strategies.
  8. Adjust schedules and dispatching as needed: Use XBE's planning and scheduling tools to fine-tune your schedules and dispatching processes based on the latest information and trends in driver arrival times.
  9. Provide ongoing feedback: Keep drivers informed about their performance and any ongoing issues with late arrivals through regular communication within the XBE app, driver meetings, or other communication channels.
  10. Foster a culture of continuous improvement: Encourage drivers to take ownership of their punctuality and promote an environment where everyone works together to find solutions to late arrivals and other operational challenges.

Q. I'm a trucking manager. I'm going to have a meeting with my drivers. I'd like to convince them that XBE includes many features that make their lives better. Write my speech to them with the top five reasons they should be excited about the platform.

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for being here today. I want to share with you some great news about the XBE platform and how it will benefit you as truck drivers. This platform offers a myriad of features designed to make your lives better, and today I'll highlight the top five reasons why you should be excited about using XBE.

  1. Streamlined Communication: XBE simplifies communication between drivers, dispatchers and management. With in-app driver messaging and targeted broadcast messaging, you'll receive clear instructions and real-time updates, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and reducing unnecessary distractions.
  2. Enhanced Navigation and Route Optimization: XBE's platform provides live GPS tracking and mapping features, helping you to navigate efficiently and avoid traffic or road closures. This means you can get to your destinations quicker and stay on schedule, which ultimately saves you time and energy.
  3. Transparent Performance Metrics: XBE offers a variety of tools to track your performance and help identify areas for improvement. With features like check-in report cards and shift scorecards, you can monitor your progress and work towards enhancing your skills, making you an even more valuable driver.
  4. Seamless Time and Payroll Management: With XBE's time card management system, tracking your hours and submitting timesheets become hassle-free. This ensures accurate compensation for your hard work and makes the payroll process more efficient.
  5. Easy Access to Important Documents and Information: XBE houses all crucial job-related documents, guidelines and safety procedures in one easy-to-navigate platform. This allows you to stay informed, access necessary information on-the-go, and maintain a safe working environment.
    In conclusion, XBE is designed to support you as drivers, improving efficiency, communication, and overall job satisfaction. Embracing this platform will not only make your lives easier but will also contribute to our company's success. Thank you for your attention and commitment to adopting this game-changing platform.

Q. What is a time card pre-approval? How does it differ from an admin approval? When should we use which strategy?

A time card pre-approval is the pre-authorization of approval for a given set of quantities for a time card. It is generated by a superintendent or foreman in the field, allowing them to sign out their drivers at the end of a workday. The time card will automatically be submitted and approved after a set period of time, unless the driver or trucker financial contact cancels the automatic submission.

On the other hand, a time card "Admin" approval involves the verification of an image of a signed paper ticket. It is completed by an administrator who reviews the time card based on the paper record and approves it accordingly.

The "field" approval process is suitable when your workflow allows for electronic pre-approval directly from the field, usually benefiting from streamlined approval processes and reduced paperwork. The "Admin" approval process is used in scenarios where paper time cards are the standard, and time card approval relies on the comparison of the digital and physical records.

Choose the strategy that best fits your organization's workflow and requirements for tracking and approving driver time cards.