Horizon Newsletter • March 27, 2023
Enhance Your Safety Management with Research-Backed Strategies

The XBE platform is packed with robust safety management features, including support for good catch and near miss incidents. These features have been designed to help you foster a culture of safety and collaboration within your organization.

The Power of Positive Feedback and Safety Climate

Dov Zohar's foundational study on safety climate highlights the importance of employees' perceptions of management's commitment to safety. A positive safety climate significantly influences employees' safety behavior and the overall safety performance of the organization. By using incident comments in XBE to provide immediate positive feedback, you can foster a positive safety climate and promote the safety behaviors that are correlated with better outcomes.

The Impact of Near Miss and Good Catch Reporting

Emily Haas et al's research on near miss reporting emphasizes the value of using near miss incidents as a learning tool to improve safety. Organizations that prioritize near miss and good catch reporting and analysis can foster a proactive safety culture, leading to a decrease in accidents and injuries. By encouraging the reporting of near miss and good catch incidents in your organization, you can address potential hazards early and avoid adverse events.

Efficiently Review and Comment on Safety Incidents

To help you efficiently review and provide feedback on safety incidents, we recommend the following three steps:

  1. Subscribe to safety incidents: You can subscribe to safety incidents at the organization level by visiting Incidents Calendar > Subscriptions. This ensures you stay informed and engaged with your team's safety performance.

  2. Review incidents on the "My Incidents" screen: Access this screen by navigating to Browse > My Incidents. The My Incidents screen enables you to quickly read all safety incidents and comment inline in one place. It only takes 10-20 seconds to read an incident and provide helpful comments.

  3. Encourage collaboration: Remember that any user in your organization can submit safety incidents and participate in the collaborative process. By involving everyone in safety management, you can create a culture of shared responsibility and awareness.

XBE My Incidents screen

In Conclusion

We hope you find these insights helpful in promoting a culture of safety within your organization. By leveraging XBE's software and applying research-backed strategies, such as fostering a positive safety climate and promoting near miss reporting, you can encourage behaviors that lead to better safety outcomes.

Remember to subscribe to safety incidents, make use of the "My Incidents" screen, and involve everyone in your organization in the safety management process. By doing so, you will maximize the effectiveness of your safety program and create a safer work environment for all.

Thank you for being part of the XBE community, and stay safe!


Sean Devine
Founder & CEO, XBE


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