Horizon Newsletter • April 4, 2023
Interview: "How CEOs Build With AI"

XBE has been hard at work this year, introducing many incredible AI-powered features, including Hey Kayla, incident headlines, safety risk management, and more. In addition, AI has contributed to the development of other exciting new features, such as AlignUp!, the optimization-based trucking lineup scenario solver released earlier this week.

Sean Devine, Founder & CEO of XBE, was interviewed this week by Eric Jorgenson on his "Smart Friends" podcast about leveraging AI to improve yourself, your products, and your company. You may recognize Eric as the author of the best-selling (and truly excellent) book, "The Almanack of Naval Ravikant".

Regardless of where you are in the process of adopting new AI-based tools and workflows, this interview will be valuable to you. It also offers some sneak peeks into exciting developments that XBE has planned.

You can watch the interview on YouTube, listen as a podcast, or read the transcript.

Finally, for Hey Kayla fans, Sean introduced a special side-project: baekayla.com