Horizon Newsletter • April 20, 2023
Stopping and Going: April 20 to May 4

Stopping And Going: April 20 to May 4

In this dance, a rhythm takes hold,
A balance of motion, both timid and bold.
Stopping and going, we measure our pace,
Creating foundations with elegance and grace.

The hum of machinery, the song of progress,
Each movement an intricate, delicate process.
Pausing to ponder, then charging forth,
Weaving our art upon the earth.

As we stop and go, we build and we grow,
In this symphony of progress, a breathtaking show.
Embracing the balance, we conquer and thrive,
Our legacy etched, forever alive.

This is from XBE's kōnstruction calendar, a celebration of the seasonality of the horizontal construction business.

The year is divided into 24 micro seasons, each with a wonderful illustration, name, and poem.