Horizon Newsletter • May 5, 2023
Reviving Construction: May 5 to May 20

Reviving Construction: May 5 to May 20

A renaissance unfolds, as dreams take flight,
Transforming our industry, our passion ignites.
Architects of change, we mold the terrain,
Crafting new pathways, success to sustain.

Empowered by science, our aspirations rise,
Inventions and advancements, our eternal prize.
Patterns of creation, precise and bold,
A tapestry of triumph, our story unfolds.

Beneath the vast skyline, our heritage thrives,
United in purpose, as industry revives.
Boundless potential, in each step we take,
Reinvigorated pathways, for the future we make.

This is from XBE's kōnstruction calendar, a celebration of the seasonality of the horizontal construction business.

The year is divided into 24 micro seasons, each with a wonderful illustration, name, and poem.