Horizon Newsletter • June 15, 2023
Video Release - Discover what XBE can do for you.

Check out what XBE can do for your organization, end-to-end. As a part of our community, you may utilize several aspects of the platform, but may not be fully aware of what's possible. Therefore, we thought this video would be valuable to share. Enjoy!


In the world of horizontal construction, every decision matters and every minute counts. Discover XBE, the comprehensive solution that manages and automates everything including scheduling, planning, execution, monitoring, administration, and continuous improvement. XBE is your real-time window into every facet of your operation, allowing you to influence decisions proactively.

Imagine your Project Managers and Superintendents being able to easily review and update daily production plans and schedules. XBE offers real-time analytics for job progress, production rates, and trucking efficiency, fostering data-driven decisions and unparalleled transparency between office and field.

Your Crew & Equipment Managers will maximize utilization and efficiency. Resource allocation is simplified with XBE’s calendar view and drag-and-drop rescheduling, while safety management tools ensure a secure work environment for everyone.

XBE’s logistics management tools streamline dispatch and improve team coordination. Advanced functionality includes truck schedule optimization, multi-customer lineups, and rate previews. Companies using XBE achieve impressive trucking savings. It’s common to shave 10% - 15% off job haul cost - savings that drop straight to the bottom line and alleviate truck capacity shortages.

Drivers appreciate XBE’s clarity and real-time updates on job assignments, locations, and schedules. GPS-based arrival time automation and e-ticketing features streamline workflows and reduce errors, and driver report cards promote accountability and continuous improvement.

Finance and Administration teams find value in XBE’s time card management, auditing, invoicing, and bookkeeping integrations that save time and minimize errors.

Join industry leaders who have increased efficiency, asset utilization, and profitability by leveraging XBE’s powerful features. With XBE, profit goes up, and risk goes down, year after year.

Transitioning to XBE is smooth with our step-by-step implementation process. Our platform’s extensibility ensures data portability and seamless integration with existing point-of-sale, financial, and telematics systems. Available on web browsers and native iOS and Android applications, XBE supports easy adoption across your organization. Our comprehensive training, on-demand help, and dedicated customer support ensure operational control in just weeks.

XBE solves many problems and creates more opportunities. We believe in collaboration and continuous improvement, and we work actively with customers to refine our solutions. Are you ready to discover what XBE can do for you? Schedule your intro today! The second best time is now.

YouTube video

Video credits to Cinatra Alvares, Cultivate Brands, and Gifford Videography