Horizon Newsletter • June 27, 2023
Twinkling Night Lights: June 22 to July 6

Twinkling Night Lights: June 22 to July 6

Under the blanket of a velvet night,
The machines hum softly, ready for flight.
Craving the taste of dark and rich terrain,
They move across the stage, beneath the starry rain.

The pavement, once dormant, is illuminated anew,
As the melody of progress begins a lively tune.
Under twinkling night lights, the earth is swayed,
Guided by constellations amidst the starry spray.

Dreams awaken in sight to the nocturnal view,
Unveiling new maps beneath the friendly night's hues.
The glow of moonlight, the dance of construction,
Bathing the canvas in soft silver beams of enchantment.

Stars witness this spectacle of Earth's design,
A midnight vision, a captivating sight divine.
As the night dwindles, the lights still burning,
The dreamers' confidence is ever returning.

This is from XBE's kōnstruction calendar, a celebration of the seasonality of the horizontal construction business.

The year is divided into 24 micro seasons, each with a wonderful illustration, name, and poem.