Horizon Newsletter • July 17, 2023
Successful Launch of "Hey NAPA" & Tips for Quality Queries

We are thrilled to share the successful introduction of Hey NAPA, which was unveiled at NAPA's mid-year meeting!

Since its launch last Monday, we've already seen 250 community members register (for free) and engage with thought-provoking questions.

One question frequently asked of me is, "What makes a good question?"

To help guide you, here are links to five well-crafted questions and their insightful answers that you might find useful:

Remember, when using Hey NAPA (and Hey Kayla!), forget everything you've learned from simply searching on Google!

Craft full sentences, be precise about what you're seeking, and provide as much context as possible for better responses.

While "please" and "thank you" is optional, if that gets you in the collaborative spirit, I recommend it.

I'm excited to see how you leverage Hey NAPA. Feel free to share any success stories or ideas related to the platform.

Best regards,

Sean Devine
Founder & CEO, XBE