Horizon Newsletter • August 4, 2023
Celebrating "Heroes of the Road"

XBE supports every form of Public Praise. It's great to see Lehman-Roberts use XBE's Trucking Report Card to recognize their "Heroes of the Road". XBE Newsletters can be used to promote programs like this, and we also endorse spreading the message on LinkedIn as demonstrated below.

Here's what we appreciated about Lehman-Roberts' "Heroes of the Road" post:

  • Multiple foreman quotes personalized it.
  • The trucking report card metrics lent professionalism.
  • The picture was fun!
  • The lack of a reward mentioned with the recognition made it priceless.

Additionally, it was concise. Like this newsletter.

XBE provides clear visibility into team members' work. Celebrate it!

P.S. Congratulations, Jot!