Horizon Newsletter • August 9, 2023
Sizzling Pavement Days: Aug 08 to Aug 22

Sizzling Pavement Days: Aug 08 to Aug 22

The season of sizzling days takes its stage,
On the canvas of pavement, we engage.
Packed with materials, our trucks arrive,
In the symphony of horizontal construction, we thrive.

Asphalt and concrete, now in our custody,
In heat, they shimmer, awaiting mastery.
Adorned by the sun, the pavement sizzles,
A testament to hard work, like solving riddles.

In unison, the pavers glide and dance,
A compact harmony, as if in a trance.
Each pass smooths a story to be told,
On fresh pavements, bold and gold.

Beneath the blazing sun, the melodies ring,
Of machinery humming, and progress taking wing.
Stone's might dances with the heat's intensity,
Molding terrains for unfolding possibility.

Through bustling avenues and languid streets,
New pathways echo the industry's beats.
Connecting dreams, one milestone at a time,
In the orchestra of construction, a rhythm divine.

The sun dips low, yet the pavements gleam,
Still echoing the day's industrious theme.
Radiating heat, like a day well spent,
Sizzling pavements bear testament.

So here's to the effort and endeavor,
The resilience of materials, standing forever.
As our calendar turns, with each passing day,
We'll remember the sonata, the sizzling ballet.

This is from XBE's Kōnstruction Calendar, a celebration of the seasonality of the horizontal construction business.
The year is divided into 24 micro seasons, each with a wonderful illustration, name, and poem. Enjoy!