Horizon Newsletter • September 11, 2023
Yawning Weary Hours: September 08 to 22

Yawning Weary Hours: September 08 to 22

In the yawning hours before daylight breaks,
When moonlight hides and silence overtakes,
Weavers of dreams from dust-covered planes,
Breathe life into paths with asphalt's reigns.

Pencil and plan meet pavement's firm embrace,
As tireless craftsmen on their feet find space,
Layer by layer, a symphony of form,
Concrete whispers secrets, colors take form.

As dawn casts hues upon unseen pathways,
Like a painter's brush, sunlight gently sways,
Through sleepy streets, destiny comes alive,
Asphalt's caress awakens dreams to strive.

Oh, weary hours, carry us on your back,
Floating on daydreams down the winding track,
With every stroke of roller and paver's grace,
A tapestry woven, our legacy space.

The lull of asphalt's embrace, strong and sure,
Creating a foundation, steadfast and pure,
From the molten sun to the cool night air,
Transcending time, our creation we share.

So let the world witness this dawn's debut,
Of tireless efforts, dreams made anew,
In streets we build, where progress meets demand,
The legacy of strong roads stands, forever grand.

This is from XBE's Kōnstruction Calendar, a celebration of the seasonality of the horizontal construction business.
The year is divided into 24 micro seasons, each with a wonderful illustration, name, and poem. Enjoy!