Horizon Newsletter • September 27, 2023
XBE & Ozinga Team Up to Make a Little Boy's Dream Come True

The XBE product development team recently gathered in Goa, India for a three-day retreat. One special moment stood out.

Dylan, from Goa, India, holds toy Ozinga truck

Rich Mulder is the Vice President of Ozinga Renewable Energy Logistics, and a long-time member of the XBE community. Three months ago, Rich heard about a 4-year-old named Dylan, the son of a friend of XBE's Director of Product, Milind Alvares. Dylan lives in Goa and is a massive Ozinga fan. His favorite TV show is Handyman Hal, particularly the episode featuring Ozinga Miami. Dylan loves to play-act as a foreman, often pretending to call Ozinga for concrete.

Rich sent a toy mixer truck for Sean Devine, Founder & CEO of XBE, to take with him the next time he went to India. We invited Dylan and his parents to our retreat hotel in Goa. Wearing an Ozinga hat, Sean answered Dylan's calls and gave him the toy truck he'd been wanting. Although Dylan is usually reserved, his joy was evident as he played with the toy for the rest of the day.

A video crew captured the moment on-site. Enjoy!