Horizon Newsletter • October 3, 2023
Recapping our Latest Jugaad: Welcome Margin Matrix, Prophet Recap & Revenue Item Planner

Another XBE jugaad has come to a close, and we have three great new Prophet features to announce as a result of the hard work and crammed creativity.

At XBE, a Jugaad is a periodic, often remote, hackathon held across various time zones. The term "Jugaad" originates from Hindi, and it represents innovative problem-solving under limited resources. During these sessions, XBE teams unite to construct unique solutions within a constrained timeframe, truly embodying the frugal creativity often associated with the concept of Jugaad.

Here's a brief description of each new feature:

  1. Margin Matrix by the Jedi Innovators (led by Rehan Shaikh)

The newly introduced Margin Matrix in Project Prophet offers a comprehensive visualization of project expectations versus actual outcomes by highlighting discrepancies between different estimates, providing vital insights for proactive adjustments and informed decision-making.

  1. Prophet Recap by the Pixel Power Rangers (led by Ravi Siddarth)

The Job Production Plan Recap now includes a summarized profitability report, offering detailed insights about each revenue item such as bid, planned, completed, and remaining quantity, as well as estimated revenue, cost, and profit based on actual quantities and forecasted rates.

  1. Revenue Item Planner by the Coolensers (led by Colenso Castellino)

Discover the enhanced Revenue Item Planner, a feature designed to streamline project planning with advanced visibility, efficient distribution of revenue items, flexible template systems, and user-friendly specification processes, ensuring your project plan is always optimized and monitored effectively.

Learn more about these great features by reading the detailed release notes.

Big thanks goes to the entire XBE team for their tireless work, and to the XBE community for some great suggestions. Specifically, thanks to Rachel Sullivan at Gallagher Asphalt for recommending some of the details that became the "Revenue Item Job Planning" feature. We look forward to working on the rest of the feature suggestions soon.