Horizon Newsletter • October 13, 2023
Monsoon Retreat: The Video Recap

Over a month ago, XBE hosted its Monsoon Retreat in Goa, India. The gathering strengthened our team, honed our product strategy, and fostered genuine camaraderie.

Now, it's time to relive those moments. Rahul De Cunha and team have encapsulated the experience in an amazing 15-minute video.

Dive in! Click here to watch the recap on YouTube.

What to Expect:

  • Insights on our 'Three Ps': Personal Development, Product Evolution, Peer Connections
  • Candid interviews with team members
  • Highlights from our inaugural "Film Feast"

So grab a coffee, hit play, and step back into the tropical vibes of our Monsoon Retreat.


Sean Devine
Founder & CEO, XBE