Horizon Newsletter • November 27, 2023
Hey NAPA Update - More Knowledge, More Speed, More Answers

We're excited to share the latest enhancements to Hey NAPA, our AI-powered gift to the asphalt community. Here’s what’s new:

Expanded Document Library

Hey NAPA’s library now boasts 777 documents, covering a vast 28,379 pages. Highlights include:

  • Detailed Manuals and Guides for designing asphalt mixtures.
  • In-depth Technical Reports offering insights from various research studies.
  • Concise TechBriefs, keeping you informed about the latest developments.
  • Legal Briefs for up-to-date compliance information.
  • User-friendly Checklists and How-To Documents for practical guidance.
  • Case Studies illustrating real-world applications and solutions.

This enriched library means Hey NAPA (and you) have access to the largest collection of asphalt-related publications ever assembled.

Increased Capacity

Hey NAPA can now reference up to 100 pages per answer. This is a tenfold increase from the previous capacity, enabling more nuanced, well-researched answers with better citations.

Enhanced Speed

Despite the expanded library and capacity, Hey NAPA is now faster than ever. You'll receive references in seconds, and answers will be generated immediately thereafter.

Usage Milestones

To date, Hey NAPA has answered approximately 9,000 questions from around 1,000 users. This milestone reflects the trust and reliance the community places in Hey NAPA as a resource for education and decision-making.

If you haven't tried Hey NAPA yet, sign up today. It's free, and is more valuable than ever.