SCDOT Adds XBE E-Ticketing as a Qualified E-Ticketing Software Product
XBE E-Ticketing passes the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) review after demonstrating capabilities to meet all aspects of its Qualified Product Policy 107

KANSAS CITY, MO, April 28, 2022 -- XBE was named as a Qualified E-Ticketing Software for Asphalt Mixtures supplied to SCDOT projects after meeting all requirements stipulated in its Qualified Product Policy 107 in field evaluations.

XBE released the initial version of its E-Ticketing feature in March 2020. E-Ticketing enables contractors to provide live electronic visibility to project owners and developers regarding materials being delivered to job sites. The SCDOT E-Ticketing requirements include advanced functionality such as offline-mode, delivery time verification, qualified weighmaster stamping, and explicit acceptance and rejection by field inspectors.

“XBE is committed to providing qualified E-Ticketing features to all of our platform customers,” said Sean Devine, Founder and CEO of XBE. “The SCDOT was a pleasure to work with throughout the process, from the conference room pilot to the successful field demonstration. We’re happy to see them put our platform to good use. We're thankful for our South Carolina customers who partnered with us and the SCDOT to ensure project success.”

XBE does not sell a stand alone E-Ticketing product, but includes all E-Ticketing features in its core software platform. To learn more, schedule an intro at

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