XBE Adds Daily Recap Email Feature
Automated daily recap email provides rich summary of jobs that ran the previous day and night

KANSAS CITY, MO, August 4, 2021 -- XBE customers now have automated recaps of all jobs delivered by email twice per day - once for day jobs, and once for night jobs. The recaps contain rich and concise summaries of all aspects of job performance including:

  • Planned and actual quantities, rates, and timing
  • Planning and dispatch timing and responsibility
  • Material and job site locations and distances
  • Planned and actual trucking quantities, cycle times, load factors, visibility rates, and surplus estimates
  • Detected and created production, trucking, administrative, and safety incidents
  • Comments from superintendents, foremen, project managers, and other collaborators

"Email was the original 'killer app'. That's as true today as ever," said Sean Devine, Founder & CEO of XBE. "We took inspiration from popular email newsletters when designing our new 'daily recap' feature. It's hard to beat the convenience of having it show up in your inbox twice a day."

The daily recap feature is available immediately to all XBE software customers.

About XBE
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