XBE Adds Equipment Movement Management Functionality
Robust features seamlessly integrate with job planning and dispatch capabilities of core software platform

KANSAS CITY, MO, June 15, 2021 -- XBE, the science and technology competitive advantage of horizontal construction leaders, today added a robust set of new equipment movement management capabilities to its industry-leading horizontal construction management software platform. These expanded equipment movement features are deeply integrated with XBE's core job production planning and dispatch capabilities which enable customers to manage the requirements and movement of all types of resources including raw materials, finished materials, equipment, and labor.

Some of the differentiated equipment movement management features include:

  • Automated equipment movement requirements from inbound and outbound job demands
  • Flexible one-off equipment movement locations
  • Automated trip construction
  • Multi-stop trip specification
  • Equipment movement requirement file attachments (i.e. permits)
  • Single-click dispatch (including tendering, rating, acceptance, assignment, and all other logistics features)
  • Streamlined driver trip instructions
  • Equipment movement stop completion

"Prior to today, XBE worked fine for equipment movement dispatch, but fine doesn't create competitive advantage," said Sean Devine, Founder & CEO of XBE. "Today's new equipment movement management features integrate seamlessly with XBE's excellent job production planning and equipment requirement capabilities. We now provide a first-class ability to coordinate and administer the movement of equipment in the most efficient and transparent way possible. We've figured out how to satisfy the needs of construction, equipment, logistics, and administration stakeholders without compromise. I can't wait to see all of our customers take full advantage."

The equipment movement management functionality is available immediately to all XBE software customers.

About XBE
XBE LLC is a provider of horizontal construction optimization solutions. For more information, visit www.x-b-e.com.