XBE Enters Bulk Materials and Concrete Segments With Long-Term Agreement With Ozinga
Expansion builds on years of success providing software solutions to asphalt leaders and follows a year-long successful pilot

CHICAGO, IL, January 19, 2021 -- XBE announced its expansion into the bulk materials and concrete segments of the horizontal construction industry following a year-long pilot with Ozinga, a leading provider of bulk materials and concrete solutions across the Midwest and South Florida. Ozinga announced its long-term commitment to XBE with the following statement:

Ozinga is excited to partner with XBE and implement their logistics dispatch solution to help us streamline our logistics operation. As a company with haulers in different lines of business, one challenge we face is bringing visibility to the invisible data from hauling. Using XBE’s solution will solve this issue and provide a digital chain of custody for all hauling records.

Aside from the technology, we also chose XBE due to their team, knowledge of the industry, and proven track record of success. The XBE team has been working with us over the past year on a pilot that was tailored to our specific needs. Throughout this phase, our comfort level and respect for the XBE team has grown tremendously.

We look forward to building our future with XBE and work with a company that shares our purpose, values, and commitment to success.

The XBE software platform was built to support all segments of the horizontal construction industry, but most initial customers were primarily focused on asphalt production and construction. Throughout 2020, XBE worked with Ozinga to ensure that its software platform met the needs of their large and complex logistics operation. The pilot's success was due to the underlying strength of the XBE platform as well as XBE's ability to develop innovative shared solutions to complex problems.

"The XBE team is thankful to provide Ozinga with the software platform that will extend their competitive advantage," said Sean Devine, Founder & CEO of XBE. "Working with Ozinga has made us improve, and the entire XBE community has benefited. We can't wait to see what comes next."

About XBE
XBE LLC is a provider of horizontal construction optimization solutions. For more information, visit www.x-b-e.com.

About Ozinga
Ozinga is a fourth-generation family-owned American business in the construction materials and logistics industry. They build the places we live, work, and play by providing concrete, aggregate materials, and energy solutions in multiple states through a fleet of barges, boats, rail, and the iconic red and white striped concrete mixers.