XBE Expands Into South Carolina With Fastac And Notac Additives
Contractor options improve as XBE additives become available following SCDOT approval.

CHARLESTON, SC, February 15, 2021 -- XBE announced today that its anti-strip and warm-mix product Fastac is now available for immediate use in South Carolina. Irving Oil in Charleston will be blending the product at their Buckeye terminal.

The SCDOT requires the use of an anti-strip to meet their performance specifications and has approved Fastac as one of their qualified products. Fastac is part of XBE’s green chemistry line that not only provides great performance, but also is unmatched by its peers in health and safety; no more bad smells or tank corrosion. In addition to being a liquid anti-strip agent (LASA), Fastac can double as a warm-mix additive (WMA) to eliminate the need to inventory multiple products.

In addition to Fastac, SCDOT also approved XBE's truck bed and tool release agent Notac to its respective QPL.

XBE's other asphalt chemistry products include PG Mod (basic rejuvenator), RASpave (mid range rejuvenator for basic performance requirements), RAPpave (top end rejuvenator for high recycle mixes and performance testing sensitivity), REpave (Cold patch additive) and Nutopp (Surface rejuvenator overspray for pavements or roofs).

“We are excited to enter into this new partnership with SCDOT and Irving Oil. Our additives have been used successfully in North Carolina since 2014, and we're glad that South Carolina contractors now have access to those same benefits,” said Sean Devine, XBE's Founder and CEO.

About XBE

XBE creates chemical additives to overcome challenging asphalt construction problems. Designed by contractors for contractors, every product is field-tested, conditions-based, and results-driven. For more information, visit https://www.x-b-e.com/chemistry or email Matt Lerner at matt-lerner@x-b-e.com.