Chicago-Based XBE Officially Opens, Providing Innovative Material Trucking and Logistics Solutions
Built on decades of experience, years of technology development, and tested on thousands of real transactions, XBE's integrated logistics solutions reduce cost, increase compliance, improve communication, and maximize convenience.

CHICAGO, IL, October 2, 2017 -- XBE LLC today announced the official opening of its Chicago branch. During 2017, XBE tested and refined its proprietary construction material logistics solution through:

  • Over $2,500,000 of trucking service.
  • Over 3,400 completed shifts.
  • Over 29,000 trucking hours.

For contractors who are frustrated with trucking cost and service problems - and who isn't! - XBE is the comprehensive solution created to provide dependable capacity at competitive prices with clear communication and convenient tools to optimize planning and streamline administration. Because it designs and develops all aspects of its software platform, XBE has achieved a level of automation and decision support never before available to the industry.

“Since starting Rabine Paving in 1981, I've searched for a solution to our trucking challenges,” said Gary Rabine, Founder and CEO of the Rabine Group. “Over those 36 years we've tried everything from buying a trucking company, to running a trucking brokerage, to trying to build software ourselves - none of which were huge successes. But, as we grew Rabine Paving America and worked with hundreds of paving contractors across the country, I saw that they struggled with trucking too. So, I kept searching. Finally, with XBE, I can see the future of trucking in our business. It's here right now, and it's very exciting.”

More than $18 billion dollars are spent each year in the United States to move construction materials by dump truck. This includes aggregate materials (gravel, sand, dirt), composite materials (asphalt), recyclable materials (milled asphalt, broken concrete), and waste materials (spoils).

Material transportation is one of the largest cost drivers in heavy construction, and is a constant thorn in the side of most crews. It's difficult to balance trucking capacity to avoid wasted trucking hours and crew time. And, some problems such as break downs and traffic are inevitable and must be handled quickly and calmly.

Even if the operations are smooth, the administrative work is a challenge. Time-consuming and error-prone processes are required to ensure compliance with risk management rules and diversity spend targets. And each shift requires collection, auditing, and processing of time cards against rate agreements and receipts.

“We're so excited to open our doors to new customers, suppliers, and partners,” said Sean Devine, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of XBE. “We built our platform from the ground up using the lessons we've learned over the past twenty years. Our mission is to solve the entire construction material logistics problem in one integrated solution so that contractors and material suppliers can focus on their core businesses without worrying about trucking cost and capacity problems.”

XBE provides a complete construction material logistics solution including:

  • Trucking capacity sourced from independent suppliers and the internal fleet of the customer (where applicable).
  • Management services to handle all compliance, procurement, dispatch, finance, and administrative tasks.
  • Software to provide automation, decision support, and self-service visibility into all aspects of the transportation process.

“We take the long view, and we're focused on fundamentally improving construction material logistics. While there is so much more yet to do, we're proud of the solution that we've built already. We have a solid foundation and clear vision, and it's time to let people know about XBE.” added Devine.

About XBE
XBE LLC is a provider of technology-based construction material logistics solutions. XBE built its platform from the ground up based on 20 years of experience, and it continues to aggressively expand the breadth and depth of its functionality. XBE was founded by Sean Devine, and is headquartered in Chicago, IL. XBE currently provides service to the Chicago market, and will launch branches across the country starting later this year. For more information, visit

Sean Devine
(810) 844-3757