XBE Releases First Customer Testimonial Video Featuring Superior Bowen
Amanda Mohr reveals the competitive advantage and performance improvements enabled by the XBE software platform

KANSAS CITY, MO, July 1, 2021 -- XBE is excited to release its first customer testimonial video featuring Amanda Mohr, President of Superior Bowen, Kansas City’s largest site work and road contractor.

Mohr highlights the role XBE has played in Superior Bowen’s continued success. In particular, she describes how XBE provides transparency and real-time analytics that have improved decision making in the field and at the bid table.

Superior Bowen was an early adopter of the XBE platform and has enjoyed a competitive advantage afforded by lower variable costs, a better understanding of its operations, and empowered employees.

“Amanda said it better than I will,” said Sean Devine, Founder & CEO.

You can view the testimonial here.

For more information on Superior Bowen’s breakthrough performance improvements facilitated by XBE, read this case study published in our Horizon Newsletter.

About XBE
XBE LLC is a provider of horizontal construction optimization solutions. For more information, visit www.x-b-e.com.

About Superior Bowen
Founded in 1948, Superior Bowen is one of the largest asphalt paving and sitework contractors in the Midwest. Our construction and site prep experts have experience in a wide range of development projects, including solving a variety of location or terrain challenges. Customers rely on Superior Bowen to manage all aspects of project site development. Through decades of proven performance, Superior Bowen has built a reputation of reliability, which gives customers a certainty of outcome and a standard of quality that consistently exceeds specifications.