Junior Operations Coordinator
Assist customers through all phases of building competitive advantage with XBE solutions

Junior Operations Coordinators that join XBE as part of the Gap Here program must demonstrate excellent leadership and communication potential, but aren't expected to have the breadth or depth of capabilities (yet!) of other team members. That said, the Operations Coordinator description below still applies:

Operations coordinators at XBE work with customers through the entire lifecycle of their adoption and usage of XBE products. The ideal candidate is detail oriented, good with people, able to juggle competing interests, and interested in continous improvement (both for themselves and our customers).

A typical week would include the following:

  • Organize and lead a kick off meeting with a new customer to plan their full implementation.
  • React to various time-sensitive customer service needs that may result in training, bug fixing, or data fixing.
  • Analyze production and efficiency of customer jobs.
  • Train users on new capabilities.
  • Collaborate with product development.
  • Suggest new enhancements and features.
  • Record how-to videos.
  • Assist with change management strategy and execution.

While XBE has a collaborative culture, each operations coordinator has significant individual responsibility. This should sound exciting if you're the right candidate.

The XBE team is distributed around the world, so as long you're able to work during US business hours, any location is fine.

While there aren't specific education or experience requirements, successful candidates must posess strong general knowledge, problem solving and analysis, and communication skills. As long as you can demonstrate those capabilities, we'll consider you.

Finally, while you don't need to have any experience in horizontal construction, it should seem interesting.

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