XBE Announces "Gap Here" Program For Graduating High School Seniors
Professional opportunities for high-achieving graduates delaying the start of college due to COVID-19

CHICAGO, IL, April 26, 2020 -- With even the most optimistic outlook for the 2020-2021 academic year looking bleak, many graduating high school students that had planned to attend college are facing a difficult choice:

  • Pay full price for a second rate experience, or
  • Delay college entrance until conditions improve

To help these young people make the most out of a difficult situation, XBE has created its "Gap Here" program. When hired into this program, participants will receive:

  • Real responsibility as part of a team helping the best construction companies optimize their operations
  • Training on all skills required to be successful in a distributed professional environment
  • Full-time pay

"I keep a figurine of baseball icon Ichiro Suzuki on my desk as a reminder to always 'go with the pitch'," said Sean Devine, Founder & CEO of XBE. "If I was a graduating high school senior, I'd rather get paid to learn on the job for a year or two until the uncertainty regarding COVID-19 settles than take on a pile of student debt for who-knows-what. That's why we created the 'Gap Here' program - to give these students a better option."

The following positions are available:

Interested candidates are encouraged to apply now before available spots are taken.

About XBE
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