Horizon Newsletter • May 1, 2023
XBE is Expanding: Help Us Find Great Sales Representatives

Our customers are the backbone of XBE's success, and we're turning to you for help as we seek skilled Sales Representatives to join our team.

We have forged strong relationships with our customers by delivering them great outcomes. Just as many of you discovered us through referrals from existing customers, we are now turning to your network to help us find exceptional talent for our Sales Representative positions.

Expanding our customer network benefits all of us in two main ways: 1) it fosters a more helpful community, allowing our customers to learn from one another and share best practices, and 2) it leads to a more robust product, as we gain insights from a diverse range of clients to enhance our offerings. This growth ultimately ensures customer satisfaction and success.

If you know someone who would be a great fit for these Sales Representative positions, please encourage them to apply. The job description and simple application form can be found at www.x-b-e.com/hiring/sales-representative.

We appreciate your ongoing support and partnership as we continue to grow together. Thank you for considering our request and for sharing this opportunity within your network.

Best regards,

Sean Devine
Founder & CEO, XBE